Professional - Personal - Passionate - Practical

John Hannaway

Founded by John Hannaway

HannawayCA is the new name in corporate advisory services. But one which is already well known in the Northern Ireland market place. This firm embodies John's own beliefs that business advice should be professional, personal, passionate and practical.


"Your skilled guidance, your spirit and energy, your imagination and ability to get a solution and finally your good humour were the essence of a most trusted business advisor (and a good friend)"
Brian Murphy, Finance Director, Balcas
"You always deal with us in a very fair and professional manner, through the ups and downs of running a family business, always helping us do what was right with the business and with each other"
David Heenan, Managing Director, Barbican Newcastle Limited
"The McGladery family and especially Margaret and I are so grateful for the succession plan that you put in place for Kilco"
Gerry McGladery, Managing Director, Kilco International Limited
"Your help and advice over the years, delivered with warmth and humour, has played a major part in the success of my business and made the journey more enjoyable"
John Campbell, Managing Director, Hazeldene Trading Company Limited